Hasami Porcelain Introduces Blue

Your home is your palace and only the best products belong in it

Treat Yourself
Your home is your haven. This is a place where you love to relax. This is also the place where you have guests. These are the reasons why people keep coming back to Hasami Japanese Porcelain. This is a high end company that offers stylish and sleek products that are going to make all of your guests jealous. In addition, this brand just launched a new style to their collection, gloss blue.

Hasami Porcelain Blue
About Hasami
Hasami production comes from Nagasaki, Japan; an area where high quality porcelain manufacturing has been going on for 400 years with distribution spanning to Europe. With the vision of designer Takuhiro Shinomoto, the Hasami Porcelain Collection combines rich tradition with modern design. All products are multi-functional, meaning they can be stacked and placed in various combinations.

Introducing Blue
Their latest color is a stylish, glossy dark blue that will make a perfect addition to your kitchenware collection. People love having coordinating colors for their dinner party schemes and this latest color could be exactly the color you have been looking for. This is a perfect color that will actually be quite complementary to a variety of color schemes.

It is also important that you get dinnerware that is made with high quality materials. All too often, household plates chip easily requiring you to replace them frequently. You get what you pay for and when you pay for Hasami Porcelain you get quality and design that is worth every penny. They are durable and versatile options that you will love to have included in your collection of kitchenware. If you are looking for a great new dinnerware set, look no further than Hasami.

Double Take
Whether you are a creative enthusiast, chef, or coffee connoisseur, its hard not to admire the collection. In fact, this is a company that makes a variety of high quality goods for your home. If your kitchen is compact with not a lot of cabinet space, Hasami is even better for you. The stackable and multi-use characteristics are perfect for small living situations that want to still display elegance. Check out the entire collection, from mugs, to bowls, to bread plates. Your home is your palace and only the best products belong in it.

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