SGHR Sugahara

Night Carafe Set - 12oz

$ 80

A handcrafted Night Carafe Set designed to bring a modern and minimalistic look with its unique soft-hued glass.

A perfect drinking amount for 1 person. Experience a unique night carafe set that will set the tone with its modern and minimal aesthetics. Not only is it a perfect bedside item, or an item to keep at your work desk, but its versatility will allow you to stay refreshed anywhere you are. The minimalistic, yet modern design will instantly make this an item you will use every single day as you get to enjoy the different looks of the glass depending on how the light hits it. By applying traditional Japanese handcrafted techniques you will get to enjoy a timeless piece of glassware. 

Also Available in a 24oz size.

SGHR Sugahara

Established in 1932, the artisans at Sugahara have continued to apply traditional handcrafted glass making techniques for nearly 90 years, while continuously designing glassware that fits a more modern lifestyle. Sugahara strives to continue creating glassware that brings warmth and brightens up your table in the presence of your friends and loved ones.

Night Carafe Set - 12oz

• Carafe Size - 7.8" H x 2.6" Ø

• Glass

• 12 fl oz.

• Hand wash
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe

• Chiba, Japan