Adirondack Military Chair - Olive

$ 85
A faithful reproduction of a chair issued to WWII army officers, the rugged spirit of the original lives on in this utility version with its military-grade materials and minimum requisite size.

First developed in 1941, this folding chair was included in the toolbox issued to army officers who rode in the MB and GPW—4-wheel drive vehicles affectionately called “jeeps”— during WWII.

The seat is made of waxed, water-resistant 16 oz. cotton canvas and the frame composed of solid steel bent and finished in Gun Blue, the same material used in firearms.


    Starting as a distributor of premium American outdoor products in 1977, A&F then began to develop their own line of products, mainly durable and long-lasting knives. Expanding their product line in 1990 to include other outdoor essentials--such as chairs and keyholders--A&F boasts a 40 year history in outdoor products, with a focus on useful products to nurture an appreciation for the outdoors.

    Adirondack Micro Chair

    • 11.4" W x 7.9" D x 11.4" H 
    • When Folded: .99" W x 7.09" D x 7.88" H

    • Waxed Canvas
    • Steel Frame

    • 1.69 lbs