Tsugaru Vidro

Sake Carafe Set, Nebuta

$ 69

With 8 different vivid colors displayed, you surely will enjoy using this set as if you were at a summer festival.

This color scheme was created to replicate the lights as if you were at a summer festival in Japan. With each piece being handmade, the position of each color on the glass is different, creating a pattern that only you get to experience and enjoy in the world. The naming Nebuta, comes from the Nebuta festival that is one of the 3 largest festivals to occur in Northern Japan. The popular festival features floats of brave warriors that have an explosion of color and beauty.

Tsugaru Vidro

Tsugaru Vidro, a subdivision of Hokuyo Glass located in Aomori, have been creating glassware pieces by hand with the glass blowing technique since 1977. Each glassware is produced in 1500 Degrees Celsius with the craftsman using blow pipes, hand cutting and shapes every piece. They strive to create glassware of everyday use with a concept to create handmade glass to allow the user to experience seasons within their hand. 

Sake Carafe Glass Set

• Carafe - 4.9" H x 3.5" Ø
• Cup - 1.7" H x 2.9" Ø

• Soda-Lime Glass

• Carafe 12 oz
• Cup 2.8 oz

• Hand wash
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe

• Aomori, Japan