We at JINEN believe that living in harmony with nature enriches our way of life and brings us happiness. We would like you to indulge in a lifestyle that allows you to feel nature indoors and offers you the comforts of home outdoors. 

Our founder, Shin Ishihara, was born and raised in Japan, in a culture with a reverence for nature. Since time immemorial, the Japanese have lived in harmony with nature, and have long desired oneness with it. This unique heritage has cultivated Japan's particular kind of aesthetics and craftsmanship, which are reflected in our intelligently designed, elegant, premium-quality products for outdoor exploration or for your enjoyment at home.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we showcase Japanese design that encourages harmony with nature.

About Our Logo

Most of the written characters in the Japanese language are pictographs, which are symbols for words based on pictures. The lower part of the JINEN logo is a stylized version of the pictograph for “mountain,” which represents the outdoors. In addition, the house or tent-like shape of this pictograph also suggests the indoors. We feel that this design best exemplifies our brand because the products that we carry are geared not only for the outdoors – they are meant to be used whenever and wherever you are.  The circle at the top right depicts the sun or the moon, which represent “nature.”

Designed by Kayoko Takeo-Koehl, a graphic designer from Tokyo currently based in Chicago, the streamlined look of our logo embodies the elegance and sophistication of the products in our product line.