Adirondack Military Chair - Khaki

  • First developed in 1941, this folding chair is a faithful reproduction of the original that came with the toolbox for army officers who rode the MB and GPW, 4-wheel drive vehicles affectionately called “jeeps” that were used during the Second World War.

    The seat is made of waxed, water-resistant 16 oz cotton canvas; its frame is composed of solid steel bent and finished in Gun Blue, the same material used in firearms. Crafted for officers who would never sit on the ground whenever and wherever they are, one can sense the spirit in which this chair was made in its requisite minimum size.

  • Materials

    Waxed Canvas with Steel Frame


    1.69 lbs


    11.4" W x 7.9" D x 11.4" H
    When Folded: 0.99" W x 7.09" D x 7.88" H