Bistro Donabe

  • Aside from stewing, this versatile piece of kitchenware widens your cooking repertoire with its broiling, stir-frying, and roasting capabilities. Going beyond the concept of a conventional earthenware pot, Bistro Donabe's compact design makes it easy to put it in the oven, and its flat lid looks fresh and new. With its modern design, this earthenware pot embodies a contemporary feel. You are able to heat this pot without liquid inside, a special feature of Nagatanien products and their Igaware; Nagatanien is a leading producer of Iga ware.

    Iga, Rich in Clay and Forests
    It is said that Iga ware began in earnest during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333).Iga ware mainly developed because Iga is a region that naturally offers good-quality clay with rich red pine forests, which is suitable for firewood. Abundantly blessed, it was an area where clay and fuel could be procured, both of which were indispensable in earthenware production. Up until around 1965, Iga ware was produced in an ascending kiln fueled by firewood. After 1965, there was a period when both coal and electric kilns were used but Iga ware is now mainly fired using a gas kiln with great combustibility and thermal efficiency.

    Coarse Iga Clay with High Heat-Retaining Capabilities
    Iga potter's clay is produced from a geological stratum called the “Ancient Biwa Lake Layer,” a sedimentary layer rich in the remains of plants and animals that lived 4 million years ago. Firing this clay at a high temperature burns the remains out, creating fine pockets. This porous material is coarse to the point that it is called the “clay that breathes,” and its far-infrared rays transfers heat to ingredients' cores. Moreover, Iga clay has high heat-retaining capabilities, which prevents it from cooling down quickly. It retains the same temperature range of simmering at a low flame even when it is removed from the fire, drawing out food's natural umami.

  • Materials

    Clay pot


    4.25" H x 8.75" Ø


    4.2 lbs


    1.2 qt


    Hand-wash and dry thoroughly after use. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.


    Mie, Japan