Donabe Ameyuu Style

  • Favored by professional chefs, this “Iga Donabe” or Iga clay pot is a best-seller of Nagatani, the famous Iga ware pottery kiln. Used for all kinds of Japanese hot pot dishes called "nabe" dishes. Finished with a simple dark brown glaze that resembles the color of Japanese candy, the pot's sophisticated shape is typical of Iga ware.

    Crafted by Nagatani Iga Ware Pottery established in 1832, the kiln produces plenty of fun clay pots with specific functions. Based on its motto of “Let the maker be the real user,” the company is devoted to creating things that are in step with the times, always taking into account culture and evolving lifestyles.

  • Materials

    Clay pot


    7.3" H x 12.0" Ø


    7.7 lbs


    101 oz


    Hand-wash and dry thoroughly after use. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.


    Mie, Japan