Donabe Kamadosan - Small (1 Rice Cup)

  • This rice cooker is recommended for those who simply want to eat delicious white rice. Easily cook white (or even brown) rice in this clay pot over an open gas flame. The secret to delicious rice cooked in this pot is the clay taken from four million year-old soil called “Kobiwako.” The fine holes in this porous clay accumulate heat – heat that penetrates each rice grain to its core even during short cooking times. In addition, the pot's natural glaze with elevated far-infrared properties result in fluffy, glossy rice. The bottom that comes into contact with open flame is thickly cast for steady heat-accumulation, resulting in moderate heat conduction. This cooker also has excellent heat-retention properties, perfect for keeping rice warm. Its double-layered lid functions as a pressure cooker, and it also prevents water from bubbling over. Includes a rice scoop and a ceramic plate.

    Crafted by Nagatani Iga Ware Pottery established in 1832, the kiln produces plenty of fun clay pots with specific functions. Based on its motto of “Let the maker be the real user,” the company is devoted to creating things that are in step with the times, always taking into account culture and evolving lifestyles.

  • Materials

    Clay pot


    5.3" H x 7.3" Ø


    4.4 lbs


    20 oz


    Hand-wash and dry thoroughly after use. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.


    Mie, Japan