Soto Dual Grill

  • In traditional Japanese houses, the irori is a sunken hearth used for heating the home and for cooking. With this Dual Grill, experience the relaxing warmth of an irori outdoors. With multiple functions in a single unit, Soto's compact, barbecue grill can be used on a tabletop for grilling, teppanyaki or hotplate-style cooking, and it can even substitute as a fireplace for warmth. The grill can be positioned at 3 different heights to accommodate various cooking and warming needs. The back of the lid is also coated with Teflon, and can be used as a nonstick hotplate for teppanyaki cooking. With the body's superior insulation, grilling, cooking and warming on a tabletop has never been easier. When you're done, just close the lid and the burning coals will be extinguished after approximately 30 minutes; and the remaining coal can be used another time. Includes a carrying case.

  • Dimensions

    5.5" H x 12.2" Ø


    11.0 oz


    Aichi, Japan