Coffee Mill, Ceramic Slim

$ 37.50
Treating yourself to a perfect cup of coffee starts with freshly-ground, full-flavored beans, realized every time with this slim, portable hand-grinder from Hario.

Just set the grind adjustment nut for a finer or coarser grind, then spin the handle of this washable, professional-grade coffee grinder to achieve your desired grind. Sharp ceramic burrs do not rust like metal ones, assuring the heady aroma of your freshly-ground beans is never tainted by a metallic aftertaste. In addition, the burrs don't wear down easily and can be disassembled for easy washing. The handle can also be removed for easy storage, and the grinder’s light, plastic body makes it easily portable and thus ideal for travel.

    Coffee Mill, Ceramic Slim

    • 3.75" H x 4.89" Ø

    • Plastic

    • Coffee Grounds 24 g (2 cups)

    Not Dishwasher Safe

    Tokyo, Japan