Hario Coffee Mill, Ceramic Slim

  • Spin the handle of this washable coffee grinder for freshly-ground beans and treat yourself to a perfect cup of coffee. This handy yet full-fledged grinder has ceramic burrs that don't rust and impart a metallic tang to that heady coffee aroma. The burrs also yield a sharp grind and don't wear down easily; and they can be disassembled for easy washing. The handle can also be removed for easy storage. Simply turn the grind adjustment nut for a finer or coarser grind. Slim and compact, this grinder is easily portable with its light, plastic body, also making it ideal for travel.

  • Materials

    Plastic body


    5.9" W (includes mounted handle) x 2.8" D x 8.7" H


    Not dishwasher safe.


    Tokyo, Japan