Kamasada Cast Iron Bottle Opener - C

  • Designed by Nobuho Miya, the third-generation patriarch of Kamasada Ironware Studio who has also worked internationally, these bottle openers with sophisticated, no-frill silhouettes somehow echo the kokeshi dolls of Iwate Prefecture, resulting in a playful yet refined design.

    The Kamasada Ironware Studio is a historic, more than a hundred year-old long-standing Nanbu ironware workshop located in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. The production of Nanbu cast metal has barely changed for the last 400 years since the Momoyama Period, but in recent years, the simple and modern figurative artistry and superior functionality of Nanbu ironware is once again in the spotlight.

  • Materials

    Cast iron


    2.3 oz


    1.75" W x 5" H


    Iwate, Japan