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Kokyu by Taro Tamai

$ 60
In this breathtaking collection of photographs by snowboarder and designer Taro Tamai, breath (kokyu) represents the rhythm inherent in all things, moving mysteriously in accordance with the ultimate harmony found in nature.

When in the presence of the chasms, gulfs, and crevasses of the natural world, we may experience a feeling of belonging to the laws of the universe. The natural world only bestows its exceptional beauty to those who lay eyes on these chasms.

Breath-taking scenery – discover Taro Tamai's perspective here.
Taro Tamai

Taro Tamai is a snowboarder who has executed many sensational first-track runs. His constantly evolving mindset is evident in the unique Gentemstick snowboards he designs, drawing international attention to his brand. Along with his riding achievements, Tamai’s philosophy is derived from nature, in which he is constantly searching for harmonizing points of contact. It is precisely such junctions that one encounters in the scenery captured by Tamai in his stunning photographs, which have been compiled in this collection published by Bueno! Books.


Hard Cover
• 180 Pages
• 4 Colors

• 12.1" W x 0.8" D x 8.9" H

4 lbs

• Printed in Japan