Chiisana Tokei

$ 150

"Chiisana," meaning "small" in Japanese. This clock boasts the ability to be used as a wall or table clock, and can bring a pop of color to any situation.

Originally a leader in personal clocks in the 1970s, this small clock has been reproduced as a model by designer Riki Watanabe. Made from a new mold and a reviewed design, this new version preserves the original atmosphere by maintaining features such as size, relief lettering, and the needle stopper. Comes with a stand, making it viable for use as either a wall or table clock.

AA Battery Operated.

Known for establishing Japan’s first design office in 1949, Riki Watanabe designed the interior decor for many well-known hotels. His work on clocks and watches became his like work, receiving various awards and recognitions. In 2006, the “Riki Watanabe--Innovation of Living Design” exhibition was held at the National Museum of Modern Art.


Beginning with manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings, TAKATA Lemnos’ started the move towards developing clock frames and bodies in the 1970s, with the clock division splitting off into its own company in 1984. Having collaborated with many famous designers, TAKATA Lemnos’ wish is to enrich the space you are in with their clocks, sometimes like a graceful flower, or sometimes like a shiny gem. Made carefully in Japan, their products have received high acclaim and many have won the Good Design Award.


• 5" Ø

• Steel
• ABS Resin

• 11.3 oz

• Silent Clock

• Toyama, Japan