Awa Soap Foaming Net

$ 2.20

A facial soap foaming net that is necessary for creating the creamiest foam for a cleaner, more refreshed feeling in your skin.

Avoid damaging your skin with micro-abrasions with the Awa net. Creating soft, creamy foam for whenever you wash your face, this will be a reliable item to have in your bathroom. Cleaning your face with just the foam will wash away the impurities while keeping its moisture.

A perfect compliment to the Deitanseki Soap.


Established back in 1949, Pelican has been operating as a manufacturer and a distributor of luxury cosmetics soaps to shampoo and skincare products. As washing is part of everyday life, Pelican strives to always protect your skin. “Always beside your skin. Pelican Soap.”

Awa Net

• 3.3" W x 5.7" D x .1" H

• Polyethylene

• Do not rub the net directly against your face.
Only use the lather that the net creates.

• Tokyo, Japan