Rhythm Cuckoo Clock

  • This cuckoo clock is designed by artist Taku Shinomoto of Venice, CA and crafted by Rhythm Watch Co., in the tradition of cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest of Germany over 200 years ago.

    There are two distinct features to this cuckoo clock. A door mechanically opens and closes allowing the cuckoo to spring in and out announcing the hourly time. The cuckoo sound is authentic and does not use modern digital equipment or recorded sounds. The sound is made by using similar principles of a pipe organ, air is rushed through 2 pipes and each creates a different syllable thus the cuckoo sound is made.

    Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. was established in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan and was awarded the prestigious W. Edward Deming award for Quality Applications.

  • Materials



    7.50" W x 3.75" D x 11.5" H


    Tokyo, Japan