Sakurai Kokeshi

Reflections - Hagoromo

$ 58

A Kokeshi Doll that is firmly rooted in tradition as well as blended into contemporary life.

Fifth-Generation Kokeshi Doll master craftsmen, and three-time All Japan Best Kokeshi Award winner, Akihiro Sakurai has created a new series that allows the Kokeshi to fit into the contemporary society. Reflections is a series that exhibits modern pastel colors with geometric patterns to complement the minimalistic lifestyle. Perfect as a gift for any occasion to the ones you care about.

Each Kokeshi is individually wrapped in a Tenugui and is carefully packaged in a box.

A Kokeshi Doll is a type of traditional wooden doll. It was thought to have emerged during the mid 19th century as a children's toy in the hot springs community deep within the mountains of Miyagi Prefecture. Now, Kokeshi Dolls are considered as the ideal gift for any occasion. Even after 5 generations, each Kokeshi Doll is hand carved and painted, starting with the peeling the bark of a tree by hand after letting the wood dry out for 18 months first.

Sakurai Kokeshi

Sakurai Kokeshi started back in the Edo Period in Miyagi, Japan. The techniques have been passed down 5 generations and is now ran by Akihiro Sakurai. He currently is trying to combine traditional roots with contemporary lifestyle and bring the Kokeshi Dolls to the world. 

Reflections - Hagoromo

• 7" H

• Mizuki Wood

• 2.6 oz

Miyagi, Japan