Tsugaru Vidro

Sake Carafe Set, Sakura

$ 69

For every sip you take, you get to enjoy the flurry of cherry blossoms in your hand. 

This Sake Set was made to recreate the feeling of Hanami and give you the joy of watching the flowers of the cherry blossom tree fall. Designed after one of Japan’s natural beauty’s during the springtime, each piece is hand-blown and cut to create each unique piece. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, people tend to gather near the tree’s practicing Hanami (flower viewing) where the people will drink, bring their own food, and have a great time outside underneath the cherry blossom trees.

Tsugaru Vidro

Tsugaru Vidro, a subdivision of Hokuyo Glass located in Aomori, have been creating glassware pieces by hand with the glass blowing technique since 1977. Each glassware is produced in 1500 Degrees Celsius with the craftsman using blow pipes, hand cutting and shapes every piece. They strive to create glassware of everyday use with a concept to create handmade glass to allow the user to experience seasons within their hand. 

Sake Carafe Glass Set

• Carafe - 4.9" H x 3.5" Ø
• Cup - 1.7" H x 2.9" Ø

• Soda-Lime Glass

• Carafe 12 oz
• Cup 2.8 oz

• Hand wash
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe

• Aomori, Japan