Adirondack Micro Chair - Tibetan Red

$ 79
Lightweight, compact, and portable, this sporty and durable folding chair will be the perfect companion to all your outdoor adventures.

The Adirondack Micro Chair has a lightweight aluminum frame weighing approximately 500 grams—the gold version weighs about the same as a magazine! Pack this convenient chair in a bag or in your car to have it with you when you go camping, fishing, or to a music festival.
The chair’s sturdy aluminum alloy frame is finished with anodized aluminum, giving it a shiny look. The seat is made of hard nylon, the material used in bulletproof vests. Metal clamps on all four sides provide an extremely sturdy structure to this chair. Its storage bag was made by utilizing recycled fabric materials. Choose from 6 seat colors (4 solids and 2 patterns).


Starting as a distributor of premium American outdoor products in 1977, A&F then began to develop their own line of products, mainly durable and long-lasting knives. Expanding their product line in 1990 to include other outdoor essentials--such as chairs and keyholders--A&F boasts a 40 year history in outdoor products, with a focus on useful products to nurture an appreciation for the outdoors.

Adirondack Micro Chair

• 11.8" W x 7.9" D x 12.2" H 
• When Folded: 1.8" W x 7.9" D x 9.9" H

• Nylon
• Aluminum

• 19.3 oz