Compact Lantern, Refillable

$ 60
Soto’s Compact Lantern features adjustable brightness to suit your mood.

Soto's Compact Lantern can be used with its mantle as a bright lantern or without its mantle to produce the flickering glow of a candle. The brightness can be adjusted up to 60 watts. With its mantle, combustion lasts for 1.5 hours; as a candle, it burns for 2 hours. Equipped with a refillable fuel tank, Soto's Fill Adaptor (sold separately) can also be used to add fuel from a gas canister. The base plate's legs can be extended to stabilize the body. Carrying case included.


Dedicated to integrating the “Blue Flame” in every flaming device conceived, SOTO’s engineers devote their lives to creating products with the ability to reach a maximum sustainable flame in the least amount of time possible. Made with extreme temperatures in mind, SOTO’s products are made with the outdoor adventures in mind.

Compact Lantern

• 2.4" W x 2.4" D x 5.6" H

• Weight 7.9 oz

Aichi, Japan