Yunomi - Tea Cup, Koishiwara Ware

$ 37

A Yunomi with a beautiful dark hue that is achieved by mixing iron powder with rice straw ash, followed by the distinct chatter marking pattern, bringing a bold appearance to enhance your tea.

Koishiwara Ware was the first pottery designated as a traditional craft in Japan. One of the main characteristics of Koishiwara Ware is using a traditional technique called Tobi-Kanna. This technique uses a metal tool that applies the chatter markings creating a distinctive look that you can only experience with Koishiwara Ware.

Asemico Yunomi
Asemico’s teacup series allows you to tour kilns from different regions of Japan featuring their unique techniques and craftsman skills. In collaboration with each kiln, you will get to explore and collect Yunomi of the same size while each cup displays distinct features from each region.

Craftsman - Yusuke Kumagae

The craftsman making the Koishiwara Ware from the Kaneha-gama kiln will be Yusuke Kumagae. He works half and half being a rice farmer and an artisan. By utilizing the rice straw from his fields in order to create his own glazes, following a technique that follows as far back as the 17th century, focusing on the concepts of “beauty of use” and “beauty in practicality.” 


Asemico is a project that connects design and craft through the works of two artists from Germany and Japan. They continue to provide a variety of products, such as tableware and cooking utensils of excellent quality, that helps pass along the knowledge and talent of traditional craftsmen to the next generation. Combining age-old traditions of Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary design, the craftsmen's style and knowledge are a guidepost for the future.

Yunomi - Koishiwara Ware

• 2.25" H x 5.75" Ø
• 3.75" H x 5.75" Ø

• SM - 5 Oz.
• LG - 8.7 Oz.

• Clay

Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe

• Fukuoka, Japan