Yunomi - Tea Cup, Soma Ware

$ 42

A 400 year old Pottery making style, famous for its distinctive cracked glaze that promotes wabi-sabi and lets you enjoy tea at a deeper level.

It has a classic design that carries the most distinctive features of the Soma Ware which will be its unique crazing patterns, called Blue Cracks. The cracking phenomenon occurs when the clay and glaze start to shrink at different timings. When this cracking starts, it starts to “sing” with every new crack that develops.

Asemico Yunomi
Asemico’s teacup series allows you to tour kilns from different regions of Japan featuring their unique techniques and craftsman skills. In collaboration with each kiln, you will get to explore and collect Yunomi of the same size while each cup displays distinct features from each region.

Craftsman - Kyoko Kondo

After the 2011 Earthquake, the Soma ware birthplace was destroyed by the Tsunami. Kyoko Kondo was forced to move to a new location but was able to keep Soma Ware alive, with the newly set up Kyogetsu-gama Kiln, continuing a tradition that started in the 17th century in the Fukushima Prefecture. It is characterized by its green color and cracking by allowing the clay and glaze to shrink at different times to create its signature cracking.


Asemico is a project that connects design and craft through the works of two artists from Germany and Japan. They continue to provide a variety of products, such as tableware and cooking utensils of excellent quality, that helps pass along the knowledge and talent of traditional craftsmen to the next generation. Combining age-old traditions of Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary design, the craftsmen's style and knowledge are a guidepost for the future.

Yunomi - Soma Ware

• 2.25" H x 5.75" Ø
• 3.75" H x 5.75" Ø

• SM - 5 Oz.
• LG - 8.7 Oz.

• Clay
• Glaze

Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe

• Fukushima, Japan