Rikuchou Ogasawara

Cast Iron Kettle - Komaru

$ 450

A Nambu Tekki cast-iron kettle that transcends above all other kettles. This beautifully designed kettle will surely put out a statement of not only superiority but elegance as well. 

Enhance every drink you make with this Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Kettle. As the kettle is made from Cast Iron, with its long-lasting durability features, enjoy watching the kettle age into a more unique item and pass it down to the next generation. As well as, by using a cast-iron kettle, you are allowing the water to absorb iron nutrients, resulting in the water becoming remineralized for sweeter, better-tasting tea while alleviating iron deficiencies for your body.

Rikuchou Ogasawara

Rikuchou Ogasawara was born into a Cast Iron Craftsman family and has worked alongside his father since he was 16 years old. Learning all of the techniques and skills necessary to become a master craftsman, he then proceeded to create modern Nambu Tekki cast iron products. Using all of his knowledge and experience he gained over 60 years, Rikuchou Ogasawara has produced countless amounts of award-winning, timeless designs before passing away at the age of 83.

Cast Iron Kettle - Komaru

7” W x 6” D x 8.25” H

• Nambu Tekki Cast Iron

• 4.1 lbs

• 30 fl oz

• Gas stove and IH stove safe

• Iwate, Japan