Eki Clock

$ 220

Bring the modern feel of a Japanese train station to your space with this smoothly designed clock.

Designed by Takenobu Igarashi, this clock’s design direction is based off of the Sapporo Station Clocks. With a beautifully designed dial and original number types, as well as a frame made with aluminum sand casting, this design wall clock is the ultimate in simplicity. Winner of a Good Design Award.

AA Battery Operated.

Takenobu Igarashi is a sculptor and designer, who has created things like a calendar for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and 3-D logo types and VI design for Suntory Hall Japan and Calpis Japan. Highly respected worldwide, he started his career as a sculptor in 1994.


Beginning with manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings, TAKATA Lemnos’ started the move towards developing clock frames and bodies in the 1970s, with the clock division splitting off into its own company in 1984. Having collaborated with many famous designers, TAKATA Lemnos’ wish is to enrich the space you are in with their clocks, sometimes like a graceful flower, or sometimes like a shiny gem. Made carefully in Japan, their products have received high acclaim and many have won the Good Design Award.


• 10" Ø

• Aluminum

• 24.7 oz

• Silent Clock

• Toyama, Japan