Sori Yanagi

Stainless Steel Kettle

$ 175

The exceptional functionality and form for which Sori Yanagi is famous, hand-crafted by skilled factory hands in Niigata Prefecture. 

This stainless steel kettle by renowned industrial designer Sori Yanagi has several outstanding features that set it apart from your standard kettle, making for a faster boil and ease of pouring and cleaning:

  • Sturdy, wide-bottomed design increases stability and allows for efficient distribution of heat.
  • Ergonomically-designed handle creates an effortless grip. 
  • Oversized lid makes cleaning the interior and spout a breeze.


Each individual part of this kettle was designed with practicality in mind. With its conveniently large lid, filling the kettle and thoroughly washing its interior is a breeze. The handle can be folded down for easy storage. Two small holes on the side of the lid allow steam to be directed away from the handle, preventing overheating. In addition, the spout is designed with ease of pouring in mind.

This stainless steel kettle is a product of fifteen local factories dotted around Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture, a town known for the manufacture of Western-style metal tableware. Carefully assembled by skilled factory hands, this very labor-intensive item is yours to cherish for years to come.

Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi, one of Japan’s leading industrial designers, is considered to be the greatest contributor to the establishment and development of industrial design in postwar Japan. He is the son of Muneyoshi Yanagi, a philosopher and founder of Japan’s folk art movement. Aside from kitchenware and furniture, Sori Yanagi's wide-ranging body of work encompasses toys, art objects, a platform bearing the Olympic flame, tunnel openings, pedestrian walkways, and more, all globally acclaimed for their functional and beautiful designs.

Stainless Steel Kettle

• 7.5" W x 9.6" D x 8.1" H (Including Handle)

18-8 Stainless Steel
• Handle & Knob - Bakelite Plastic (Phenolic Resin)

• Volume 85.4 fl oz
• Weight 2.2 lbs

• Dishwasher safe
• Gas, Electric and Induction Stove safe.

• Niigata, Japan