Shotoku Glass

Usuhari - Sake Carafe Set

$ 89

A beautiful piece of glassware, enough to be called a piece of art. The exquisite sake carafe glass set will heighten the flavor and sensation of your sake while changing your perspective on glassware. 

Usuhari, “Usu” meaning thin and “Hari” meaning glass. With an intricate design, highly skilled master craftsmen produce a piece of glassware that has a thinness of less than 1mm. The thinness and lightness of the glass will ultimately let you feel your drink as if you were holding it on the palm of your hand. Allow the lightweight glass to enhance your drink to the maximum while opening up a whole new perspective to glassware. Each piece is carefully packaged in a beautiful Paulownia Wooden box, making this a very attractive item to gift.

Shotoku Glass

Established back in 1922, Shotoku Glass was originally creating the glass pieces for light bulbs. However, as time goes by, this process had started to become automated with machinery. That is when Shotoku Glass had shifted into making Glassware for the table. Making each glassware by hand and refining their thing glass blowing skills, they strive to continue making the thinnest, yet durable glassware.

Usuhari, Sake Carafe Glass Set

• Box Size - 5.6" W x 8.25" D x 3.3" H
• Carafe Size - 7.5" H x 1.6" Ø
• Tumbler Size - 3.2" H x 1.8" Ø

• Glass

• Carafe - 9 oz
• Tumbler - 2.9 oz

• Hand wash
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe

• Tokyo, Japan