Bockoo Clock

$ 280

A book-shaped Cuckoo Clock blends into small spaces like on a desk or between books on a bookshelf, this Bockoo clock produces a sound reminiscent of a quiet forest with a bird singing while you hear its echo off in the distance.

A metal clock with a shape and size similar to a book produces a sound similar to if you were standing in a peaceful forest. Either being hung on a wall or placed on a bookshelf as a bookend, this clock can blend in easily within any setting. With a minimalistic style, utilizing easy-to-see metal hands and its built-in light sensor system that will automatically turn off the cuckoo’s movement and turn back on once it senses light in the morning, this clock will help to be a reminder to take a little quiet time to yourself and read a few pages before continuing throughout your day.

D Battery Operated and Included

Fumiaki Goto

Originally working for a senior registered architect's office, he then migrated to Europe where he completed a master's course at a design university in the Netherlands. He then went on to move to Finland to continue working on his craft before moving back to Japan. 


Beginning with manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings, TAKATA Lemnos’ started the move towards developing clock frames and bodies in the 1970s, with the clock division splitting off into its own company in 1984. Having collaborated with many famous designers, TAKATA Lemnos’ wish is to enrich the space you are in with their clocks, sometimes like a graceful flower, or sometimes like a shiny gem. Made carefully in Japan, their products have received high acclaim and many have won the Good Design Award.

Bockoo Clock

3.5”W x 5”D x 7.2”H

Steel, MDF, Block Board

• 2.5 lbs

• Cuckoo Clock

• Toyama, Japan