A Dictionary of Color Combinations Vol. 2

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The second volume to the Dictionary of Color Combinations. In this bilingual edition, you will get to enjoy 72 combinations representing each month and season. As well as 161 different combinations that present the combinations in action. These designs consist of fashion designs including kimono, product design, as well as interior and graphic design. This amounts to a total of 233 color combinations in one book that will inspire your creativity. 

In an era where combining colors was not yet recognized, Sanzo Wada created his 6-volume series called “Haishoku Soukan”. Sanzo was quick to recognize the importance of color and laid the foundation down for color research. There is an index of CYMK Color Codes, lists of where each color was featured, and also has cutout color chips, making it an ideal book for designers who enjoy being inspired by new color combinations.


Established back in 1995, Seigensha has specialized in art, design, and visually oriented books. They currently have published over 400 books with a few of them becoming award-winning books. They like to participate in art and book shows from all over the world as well.

A Dictionary of Color Combinations

• 4.2" W x 5.8" D x .75" H

• 233 Color Combinations
• 334 Pages

• Kyoto, Japan