V60 Drip Kettle, Buono

$ 60
The secret to delicious pour-over coffee lies in proper brewing, for which this narrow-mouthed kettle is essential.

Pouring hot water over finely-ground coffee and allowing the water to gently permeate the grounds allows them to expand, drawing out the coffee's rich flavor to the fullest extent. However, with an ordinary kettle water gushes out unevenly over the beans, resulting in wasted coffee grounds and lost flavor. The solution is a narrow-mouthed kettle; because the hot water drips out slowly and evenly, you can control the speed of the pour to assure that the strength of your pour-over is exactly to your liking.
This must-have kettle incorporates a pleasing round shape and an ergonomically-designed handle into a form that seamlessly blends with any interior. Compatible with all types of heat source, including induction stove tops.

V60 Drip Kettle, Buono

• 10.8" W x 5.7" D x 5.8" H

• Stainless Steel

• Maximum Capacity 40 oz
 Practical Capacity 27 oz

Dishwasher Safe

Tokyo, Japan