Hasami Porcelain Collection

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Minimal and modern with a natural tactile feel. The color of grain makes each piece unique. The pieces are interchangeable and can be used variously, breaking the traditional norms of tableware. 

Feel. Hasami is made of a specific mixture porcelain substance and clay that gives it an organic and natural feel. Comfortable and gentle to the touch.

Look.  This represents the traditional Japanese aesthetics with clean and straight lines. They fit well the modern design of today.

Use. Multi-functional and space saving, it not only looks good but fits well. The possibilities are endless, safely and elegantly stack mugs, plates or bowls. Use a tray as a lid. 

Perfect in your home, coffee shop or restaurant. Make your interior design look elegant, modern, and unique. 

Now offered in 4 gorgeous styles. 

Made in Nagasaki, Japan; an area with a long history of pottery. 
Designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto