Hayashi Cutlery

Allex Paper Knife

$ 14
Beautiful, functional, and easy to use, this stainless steel letter opener is sure to become an indispensable item in your toolbox and a treasure for years to come.

This award-winning letter opener from Allex has a durable, rust-resistant stainless steel blade measuring 2.3 millimeters in width and a rubber-ringed finger hole for comfort and ease of use. Beloved by fans since its launch in 1974, the outstanding design and sharpness of this letter opener have earned it worldwide acclaim.
Made by Hayashi Cutlery in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, the leading area in Japan for the production of bladed tools, each piece is carefully processed, assembled, and fine-tuned by a blade craftsman to assure exceptional sharpness and durability.

    Allex Paper Knife

    • 6.75" W 

    Stainless Steel
    • Rubber Finger Holes

    • 1 oz 

    Gifu, Japan