Japanese Hot Spring Minerals Bath Salts, Hinoki - 50g, 3 Pack

$ 15

Recreate a traditional Japanese Onsen within the comforts of your home. Enjoy the feeling of natural Japanese Onsen Minerals working on your skin while the Hinoki Essential Oil will stimulate your sense of smell that helps you envision as if you are relaxing in a Japanese Hinoki Bath. 

Combined with natural Yunohana onsen minerals extracted straight from the mineral deposit from Mt. Yakedake in the Japanese Northern Alps, high alkaline hot spring ingredients, and a recognizable smell of a natural forest from the Hinoki essential oils, creating the most real in-home experience of a Japanese Hot Springs. The ingredients in this bath will not only warm up your body from the inside but will also help break up the hardened keratin, allowing sebum and dirt to unclog from your pores, resulting in silky smooth skin that looks and feels amazing.

Each packet contains 50g of Hot Spring Minerals Bath Salts, which is equivalent to 1 use.


Jinen offers timeless Japanese products, produced from traditional techniques that have been perfected over time. Focusing on not only conveying the value of a well-made product from a craftsman but also increase the quality of life through minimalism and nature.

Japanese Hot Spring Minerals Bath Salts, Hinoki - 50g

Pour 1 Pack of the Hot Spring Minerals in a bathtub full of water.
• Mix the Bath Salts into the water until it is fully dissolved.
• Rinse the bathtub after each use.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Hot Spring Minerals, Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis Obtusa) Essential Oil 

Do not consume product, If accidentally consumed, drink a large amount of water and consult your doctor.
• If skin irritation occurs, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.
• Do not mix this item with other bath additives.

Made in Japan