Kikka Senko - Natural Mosquito Repellent Coil

$ 37
Rather than spraying toxic mosquito-repellent sprays directly onto your skin, keep mosquitoes away the natural way with this additive-free, long-burning mosquito-repellent incense coil from Rinnesha.

Made of natural ingredients, this Kikka Senko natural mosquito-repellent incense coil from Rinnesha does not contain synthetic pyrethroid insecticides or other chemicals and comes in a natural hue free of colorants. Using incense to repel mosquitoes is a traditional practice in Japan. Burning time: 6 hours. Each box contains 30 coils and a metal stand.

Recommended use with the Kayaributa - Mosquito Repellent Coil Holder. Not only does it hold your coil, but it also brings a nice aesthetic to your home.
Since its founding, Rinnesha has been tackling safety and security issues in food and in daily living by producing additive-free foods, agricultural plant and meat products, and natural sundry goods.

      Mosquito Repellent

      • 30 Coils Per Box

      • Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium Powder
      • Metal Stand

      • 1 Coil Burns Up To 6 Hours 

      Gifu, Japan