Oshibako - Sushi Roll

$ 24

Create your very own, professional-looking sushi rolls with this Sushi Kit without the worry of the roll falling apart when cutting and serving.

This Sushi Roll Kit comes with a Hinoki, Japanese cypress wood mold that will hold and shape everything together, and a bamboo mat for rolling. All you need to do is gather your ingredients, push in the ingredients so that the sushi won’t fall apart, then use your roller mat to take the circular shape, and use your kitchen knife to cut and serve your roll.

A perfect pair to the Oshibako - Sushi to have a sushi-making party.

How to use

  1. Before every roll, if you wet the entire mold and roller mat, it will help everything to not stick to the wood.
  2. Inside of the mold, place the roller mat lightly. Then place the Nori or Seaweed onto the roller mat. Once the Seaweed has been placed, then spread your sushi rice onto it.
  3. Place the ingredients on top of the sushi rice, then spread more sushi rice on top of it as if you are wrapping the ingredients with rice.
  4. Wet the board first, then press the board onto the rice to make a firm shape. Then remove the board and wet the protruding seaweed with vinegar in order to close the roll.
  5. Take out the roller mat, and begin closing the roll with the roller mat and shaping it into a circle or a square shape. Once the roll is fully closed and shaped, you may then proceed to cut the roll into the desired length.


Established back in 1972, Yamaco has been manufacturing products using a variety of natural items including, bamboo, hinoki, lacquer, and other wooden materials. Prioritizing and operating as a distributer for hotels and restaurants, Yamaco creates a wide range of products following traditional crafting methods to better suit every request.

      Oshibako - Sushi Roll

      10.4" L x 2.95" D x 2.15" H

       Hinoki Cypress Wood

       Wash, wipe and air dry regularly for prolonged use

       Before every use, make sure the mold and roller mat are wet to begin with. This will help prolong the life of the wood.

       Please make sure after use that it is hand washed thoroughly with a mild detergent as any leftover food can cause mold, then hand dry to preserve the wood.

       If the wood starts to grow mold, let it soak in rice water overnight and then scrub. This will help to remove the mold easier.

       If you start to see resin come out of the wood, please do not worry as it is natural. It is said the more resin that the wood contains, the stronger it will be and it is not harmful. If you do not like the look of the resin, you may scrape it off with sandpaper.

       To prevent the wood from warping, it is important to not leave it in water for extended periods of time, nor be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. After washing the Roller set, hand drying or allowing it to dry in the shade will help its longevity.

      Gifu, Japan