Kamenoko Tawashi

Cleaning Brush - White Palm

$ 16
Enjoy endless cleaning options when you use this natural white coconut fiber tawashi cleaning brush with an appealing and fast-drying donut shape that is the perfect complement to your contemporary kitchen.

Use this white coconut fiber tawashi cleaning brush to scrub items on which it is better not to use dish soap, such as cast iron pots and pans, or for scrubbing items with small holes and blades such as colanders and graters. You can even use this brush to remove dirt from root vegetables like carrots or burdock root, allowing you to retain more flavor and vitamins than if you used a peeler.

Nishio Shoten

Nishio Shoten, established in 1907, is famous for its “Kamenoko Tawashi” (Baby Turtle) brushes.

Features of Coconut Fiber Brushes
The tips of coconut fibers are uneven and moderately firm. They are great at thoroughly scooping out and scrubbing away dirt and grime, making them perfect for cleaning brushes. However, these fibers are rather stiff, making them less well-suited for use on fragile surfaces.

Cleaning Brush

• 3" Ø

• Hemp Palm Fiber 

• 3.2 oz

• Tokyo, Japan