Oshibako - Onigiri

$ 26

No need to worry about burning your hands anymore when making Onigiri (Riceballs). This Oshibako will help make and shape your Onigiri into a triangle with minimum effort.

Onigiri or Japanese Riceballs are quickly becoming a popular dish in America with its easy to make style and taste. This Oshibako is designed to allow you to make two triangular riceballs at a time. Perfect for lunch or as a snack to carry with you when you are in a hurry or on the go. As rice can go with many things, it would be fun to experiment and make different types of rice or add in different ingredients into your rice, to enjoy different flavors and variations of Onigiri.

We suggest that you wet the product down with water to avoid rice from sticking on the sides.


Established back in 1972, Yamaco has been manufacturing products using a variety of natural items including, bamboo, hinoki, lacquer, and other wooden materials. Prioritizing and operating as a distributer for hotels and restaurants, Yamaco creates a wide range of products following traditional crafting methods to better suit every request.

      Oshibako - Onigiri

      • 6.75" W x 3" D x 1.5" H

       Hinoki Cypress Wood

       Wash, wipe and air dry regularly for prolonged use

      Gifu, Japan