Surikogi Pestle - Large

$ 9

Perfect to help with mashing various ingredients, this Surikogi Pestle pairs with Motoshige’s mortar bowls.

Made to go with Motoshige’s mortar bowl - large (White and Black), this wooden Surikogi pestle is perfect to help with grinding food evenly and easily. 


Motoshige, a company well known throughout the world for manufacturing Japanese mortars and graters was established back in 1925 inheriting the traditional Iwami Pottery. The region they are located in has a special type of clay that consists properties of excellent durability, low water absorbency as well as it is very resistant to acids, salt, and alkalis. Focusing on their motto of ease of use and good quality, Motoshige strives to continue making products that will satisfy every customer needs by incorporating new ideas.

Surikogi Pestle - Large

• 11.75" H x 1.5" Ø

• Pterocarya

Shimane, Japan