Sanshi Suimei Incense

$ 18

An incense series inspired by the recognizable locations in Kyoto, each fragrance will create a vivid scenery in your mind as if you actually were exploring each location.

Sanshi means purple trailing clouds while they hang over the peaks of mountains and Suimei is an analogy of the clear Kamo River flowing through Kyoto. Combining the two create and express the characteristics of Kyoto itself. With 4 high-quality fragrances to choose from: Sagano Asagiri, Gion No Hana, Arashiyama No Tsukikage, and Kamo No Seseragi, you can enjoy and go on a scented tour from different sceneries of Kyoto. Each incense is packed in a paulownia box making it easy to store and use, but also makes a great gift.

Scroll down to “Fragrance” to read about each incense's scent.

30 incense sticks in each box.

Saga No Asagiri
A soft, refreshing meadow scent that expresses morning mist in the bamboo forest of Sagano utilizing sandalwood, oakmoss, and lilies of the valley.

Gion No Hana
Producing a gentle and elegant fragrance typical in Kyoto, recreating a sweet and floral scent you experience when you walk past a Geisha in the town of Gion, utilizing sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and amber.

Arashiyama No Tsukikage
A sweet but mature woodsy/musk smell that symbolizes Arashiyama’s moonlight reflecting off of the water, perfect to light once it has cooled off at night, utilizing sandalwood, musk, borneol, and Ryunou.

Kamo No Seseragi
A refreshing fragrance with a soft floral scent that creates a relaxing image of the famous Kamo River that flows calmly while reflecting the sunrise utilizing sandalwood, freesia, and gardenia.



Kousaido was established in 1994, developing and producing high-quality incense and bath products to help further establish and better your home. They focus on producing products using only natural and organic ingredients. Each is carefully packaged into well-designed packages.

Sanshi Suimei

• 3.8" W x 1.9" D x .9" H

• Saga No Asagiri
• Gion No Hana
• Arashiyama No Tsukikage
• Kamo No Seseragi

Burn Time
• Approx. 15-17 min.

• Kyoto, Japan