Nankei Pottery

Tea Cup - Cone, Matte

$ 26

The most standard sized tea cup that can accompany you through every tea session while also being the perfect compliment to the Sencha Teapot series.

Utilizing the same soil as the sencha teapot, you can achieve a matching set that brings forth not only an aesthetically pleasing set, but a completed traditional tea set. The cup is easy to grab and sits well within your hand, and as there is no glaze, the cup will start to develop a unique patina and expression for you to enjoy.  On the inside of the cup, it is fully glazed allowing you to enjoy the color of the tea, but it also stops the absorption of smell.


Originally established in 1913, Nankei started out as a pottery shop extracting and excavating soil, elutriating it, and then selling it. Since then, for about 50 years they have recreated the shop to begin creating their own lifestyle products utilizing Banko-ware hoping that the use of natural products will enrich our daily lives. 

Tea Cup - Cone, Matte

• 2.2" H x 3.14" Ø

• Stone Ware

• 5.7oz

Hand wash with neutral detergent and non abrasive sponge
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe

• Mie, Japan