Kagura Mask

$ 690

Experience a traditional handmade Kagura mask with a contemporary design that unveils its strong, intense presence, every time you step into the same room as it.

The term Kagura comes from a traditional and sacred theatrical dance and music ritual dedicated to the gods of Shinto, with each region of Japan having its own unique ceremony. This Kagura mask was specifically designed from the Iwami Kagura Hannya, the female demon, from the Shimane Prefecture, which is also known to be the home of Japanese mythology. These masks have been hung in houses to bring good luck and to ward off any evil, serving as an amulet, traditionally and in contemporary society.

A collaboration with the craftsmen of the Kagura mask, Katsuro Kakita and Kenji Kakita, and the design team Mujun, together they created a modern piece of art and tradition that emits a presence that will reside with you forever. The Kagura mask was made from Sekishu Washi Paper, known as the most durable paper created in Japan, and is used to repair national treasures in Kyoto, Japan. It also comes with a handwritten serial number inside the mask and a wall mount.

The Natural colored Kagura is Sekishu Washi Paper’s natural color. The Brown colored Kagura is dyed with Kakishibu, a polymeric tannin extracted from fermented persimmon juice. Lastly, the Blue colored Kagura is dyed with Indigo.


Mujun is a team of designers that started their design practices in 2008, who hold a lot of passion for bringing Japanese craftsmanship to a contemporary audience around the world. The designers work closely with skilled craftsmen in Japan to redesign their crafts to cater to the contemporary audience around the world.

Kagura Mask

• 9.5" W x 4.5" D x 12.5" H 

• Sekishu Washi Paper
• Paulownia Box

• Serial Number
• Wall Mount

• Shimane, Japan