Ito Bindery

Drawing Pad

$ 18

A drawing pad that brings minimalistic and sharp aesthetics to your desk that you can enjoy with high-quality binding and the natural look of kraft paper.

Recipient of the 2010 Good Design award, this drawing pad will help complete your desk with the natural look and feel of the kraft paper that is being utilized. The sustainable drawing pad is mounted on a recycled cardboard base and utilizes their master-craft binding techniques. The paper is microperforated from the header, giving you an easy experience to tear off from the first to last piece of paper.

Available in 3 different sizes for different types of drawings, each with 70 microperforated sheets.

Ito Bindery

Established in 1938, Ito Bindery originally started as a bookbinding company in Tokyo. While utilizing their master-craft binding techniques, in 2009 their high-quality, hand-cut, and bound drawing pads went on sale for the first time and has won the prestigious Good Design award in 2010.

Drawing Pad - 70 Sheets

• A6: 5” W x 5.75” D
• A5: 6.5” W x 8.25” D
• A4: 9” W x 12” D

• Kraft Paper
• Recycled Cardboard
• Wire Binding

Leaving the drawing pad exposed to sunlight may cause discoloration, ripple or warp the sheets in dry or humid conditions. Recommended storing in a cool place without direct sunlight exposure

• Tokyo, Japan