Nychair X

Ottoman, Camel

$ 360
This iconic chair by designer Takeshi Nii is part of MoMA's permanent collection.

Designer Takeshi Nii created his masterpiece, the pioneering Ny Chair, in 1970, and its pleasingly utilitarian design is still beloved by many the world over.  The ottoman measures a mere 6 inches when folded for easy transport and storage. The ottoman is made of Kurashiki canvas, a durable, finely-textured, woven cotton yarn, and is removable and replaceable. 

Takeshi Nii

Well known since the 1970s for his modern furniture design, especially folding chairs and tables, Takeshi Nii’s most famous creation is the Nychair X. Along with making furniture designs, he was also the third generation owner of a company that manufactures Kendo equipment. His Nychair X product is a permanent collection in New York’s MoMA.


• 19" W x 17" D x 14" H

• 100% cotton canvas
• Beech Wood
• Stainless Steel