Paddle Grater, Large

$ 96
Use this professional-grade copper grater from Ooya to keep moisture locked into radishes, onions, carrots, apples, and other ingredients that tend to dry out when grated.

A copper grater made by Ooya, this kitchen tool for garnishes and condiments receives rave reviews from professional chefs. A craftsman carefully fashions each and every blade by hand using a tool called a tagane and an iron hammer on a plated hard board made of pure copper. While requiring very little pressure to be applied, each blade finely slices through an ingredient’s fibers without crushing its cells, resulting in grated food that retains its moisture even after several hours.


Ooya is a long-established store, making and selling graters since its establishment in 1928. Copper graters of the type made by Ooya have a long history in Japan. A copper grater with the same shape and features as Ooya’s current product is featured in the Wakan Sansai Zue, an Edo-period encyclopedia compiled in 1712.

Paddle Grater, Large

• 4" W x 7.5" L

• Copper-tin plating

•  8.5 oz

• Handwash

Saitama, Japan