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Exotic Playing Cards - 4 Seasons, By Sumio Kawakami

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Experience the four seasons of Japan through the art of the world-renowned artist, Sumio Kawakami. With artwork that brings a sense of nostalgia, the beauty of Japan all together into one deck. 

This card set is a reproduced edition of Sumio Kawakami’s woodblock print “Torampu-e” from the 1960s. Each suit emphasizes a theme: Clubs feature Spring, Spades feature Winter, Hearts feature Fall, and Diamonds feature Summer. Each number set features a motif as well. This allows each card to be unique to its own and completes a 54 card deck featuring different artwork per card.

Contains 1 Pack of exotic playing cards.

Sumio Kawakami

Born in 1895, Sumio Kawakami was an English teacher and a self-taught Hanga Artist. At the age of 22, he lived in America and Canada doing small jobs before moving back to Japan to where he became an English teacher and his art career started. In the 1960’s Sumio gained recognition, which led to his artwork featured in many exhibits and a museum devoted solely to Sumio’s work was created.

Okuno Karuta Ten

The Okuno Karuta Shop was established back in 1921 originally named Ikuka Okuno Shoten. As of 1975, they moved their store to their current location and opened sales up to the general consumer. Their second floor of the building is an exhibition, displaying a vast variety of different types of cards and artwork. They not only import a variety of cards and games, but they also produce their own as well. They currently have a variety of indoor games from playing cards to chess pieces.

Exotic Playing Cards - 4 Seasons

4.8" W x 3.5" D x 1" H

• Paper Cards

• 4.3 oz

Tokyo, Japan