Okubo - Garden Scissors

$ 90

Prune and trim to your heart’s content. These stylish, yet convenient garden scissors will surely assist you in creating your ideal garden. 

Perfect for general gardening uses. Enjoy these garden scissors as it will give you a strong, clean-cut with its forgery methods. Ideal to be used for pruning branches, roses, flowers, and houseplants. Each scissor is hand forged and is environmentally friendly. No chemicals have been used when coloring the handles. 


Hidehisa by Toyama Hamono. Established back in 1861, Toyama Hamono has been continuously creating scissors and shears for almost 160 years. Using a method called the Tatara steel manufacturing, and Hidehisa, a premium quality steel, applying the same techniques as making a Katana (Japanese Sword), Toyama Hamono produces excellent scissors and shears that give the finest cuts.

Okubo Garden Scissors

Total Length: 7.8" L
• Blade Length: 2.75" L

High Carbon Steel

• .5 lbs

Wipe clean and dry after use. Apply oil if long term storage.

• Niigata, Japan