$ 74.95
This light, wind-resistant stove puts out a consistently strong flame whatever the temperature.

The WindMaster is a lightweight stove that resists wind and cold. Equipped with a micro-regulator, its output stays strong even when the outside temperature is low. When the temperature is high, the regulator suppresses the flame from lifting off the burner, preventing a potential fire hazard while maintaining a constant and stable output. Whether the temperature is 20°C (68°F) or −5°C (23°F), this stove emits 2,800 kcal/hr. Due to the proprietary structure of its burner head, a wind protector is unnecessary; the flame remains steady even when the wind is strong so that water boils quickly. Micro adjustments to output are also possible. The stove’s supports can be removed easily without tools; in addition to the standard 3-pronged pot support, a 4-pronged support is included for larger pots. Furnished with a durable, shock-resistant, Stealth igniter. Also includes a carrying case. Does not include a fuel canister.


Dedicated to integrating the “Blue Flame” in every flaming device conceived, SOTO’s engineers devote their lives to creating products with the ability to reach a maximum sustainable flame in the least amount of time possible. Made with extreme temperatures in mind, SOTO’s products are made with the outdoor adventures in mind.


• 3.6" W x 4.7" D x 3.9" H

• Stainless Steel

• Approx. 1.5 Hours With 250g (8 oz) Canister

2.4 oz

Aichi, Japan