The Kettle

$ 149

The perfect pour every time, combined with its lightweight and ergonomic design, you get a smooth and accurate flow of water no matter how fast or slow you pour.

Becoming increasingly a favorite in the kitchen, Balmuda has spent countless hours designing an ergonomic electric kettle to create the best pour experience. This kettle pairs a lightweight, ergonomic design with a smooth-flowing pour and has a visible neon power light to show the kettle is on. It brings back the ritualistic element of tea and coffee making to transform beverage brewing into a pleasurable part of your day.


A Tokyo-based creativity and technology company founded in 2003, Balmuda looks to contribute to the world by using the power of technology to turn visions of the future into concrete reality. With modern appliances designed to eliminate inconvenience, Balmuda recognizes that the desire for what appliances have to offer is starting to change and by thinking in entirely new ways, they make revolutionary appliances offering unprecedented value.

The Kettle

10.6” W x 5.6” D x 7.6” H

Package Contents
• Kettle
• Lid
• Power supply

Unit weight
2 lbs

20 fl oz

Power Supply
• AC 120V 60Hz

Power Consumption
1200 W