Earth PLA

$ 170

Experience a three-dimensional timepiece crafted from diatomaceous earth with shifting shades, embracing time's passage through Japanese plastering mastery.

The Earth PLA Clock is crafted from diatomaceous earth, a substance derived from diatoms, a type of algae that accumulates on the seafloor and solidifies into rocks over time. Employing a traditional Japanese plastering technique, this clock's design skillfully highlights the unique attributes and ambiance of the material. The result is a three-dimensional masterpiece that not only captures the play of light across its surface but also mirrors the passage of time. This timepiece serves as an elegant addition to interior spaces.

AA Battery Operated and Included

Yuichi Nara

Graduating Construction Department Architecture Course at Yokohama National University before moving to Italy to begin his designing career, starting at a glass studio and an architect office in Venice. When making a trip back to Japan, he became so impressed with the nature and lifestyle in Noto, Japan that he decided to return to Japan, move to Notojima and establish Noto Design Office. Studying local materials and techniques, he began applying these to his work to create new products that will enrich our everyday lives.


Beginning with manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings, TAKATA Lemnos’ started the move towards developing clock frames and bodies in the 1970s, with the clock division splitting off into its own company in 1984. Having collaborated with many famous designers, TAKATA Lemnos’ wish is to enrich the space you are in with their clocks, sometimes like a graceful flower, or sometimes like a shiny gem. Made carefully in Japan, their products have received high acclaim and many have won the Good Design Award.

Earth PLA

• 11.25" Ø x 1.5" H

• Diatomaceous Earth

• 2 lbs

• Silent Clock

• Toyama, Japan