Herstory - Balloon

$ 150

Allow this clock to serve as an inspiring piece for various milestones in life, from graduations to farewells, and all the future endeavors you overcome. As time moves towards a new hour, it will appear as if the girl reaches out for the balloon to fly away towards a new beginning.

This clock designed by Uhuhu Maiko, known for her award-winning illustrations, is a narrative of a girl's journey working towards her dreams with the hour hand representing the girl's shadow and her past, while the minute hand represents the girl's present moving forward while overcoming various pasts.The English text just below the center reads “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” The quote by Danish philosopher and thinker Søren Kierkegaard serves as a motivating message, encouraging us to stride towards our dreams. The clock is crafted from aluminum with silent movement, it includes a removable stand for versatility as a wall or tabletop piece.

AA Battery Operated.

Uhuhu Maiko

A Tokyo Polytechnic University Design Department graduate, she honed her skills at ADK, a leading advertising agency, before founding her own venture, "Uhuhu," in 2017. Her diverse expertise encompasses graphic design across various media and product development focused on spreading unintentional smiles, earning her accolades including being a Cannes Lions Finalist and winning multiple prestigious design awards.


Beginning with manufacturing Buddhist altar fittings, TAKATA Lemnos’ started the move towards developing clock frames and bodies in the 1970s, with the clock division splitting off into its own company in 1984. Having collaborated with many famous designers, TAKATA Lemnos’ wish is to enrich the space you are in with their clocks, sometimes like a graceful flower, or sometimes like a shiny gem. Made carefully in Japan, their products have received high acclaim and many have won the Good Design Award.

Herstory - Balloon

• 7.9" Ø x 1.5" H

• Aluminum
• Glass

• 1 lb

• Silent Clock

• Toyama, Japan