Sakon Murakumo, Nickel Damascus - Gyuto 210 MM

$ 309

Boasting a VG10 core for superior sharpness and durability, the versatile chef’s knife is paired seamlessly with a Japanese octagonal wooden handle while showing the true beauty of nickel Damascus.

This Gyuto knife from the Sakon Murakumo collection features a VG10 Stainless Steel core. VG10 is a highly sought, premium steel for Japanese cutlery due to its unparalleled sharpness, corrosion resistance, and durability.  This allows the knife to stay sharp for longer periods making it an ideal and practical choice for everyday home use to the demands of professional chefs.

The VG10 core is cladded with a unique 33-layer Nickel Damascus pattern. The knife then undergoes a finishing process with acid corrosion, bringing out a natural silver luster, and enhancing the beauty of the Damascus blade. The knife is then polished to achieve a mirror-like finish.

Utilizing a wooden handle made with Keyaki wood and paired with a mahogany wood ferrule in an octagonal shape, it is a favored choice among top professional chefs for its optimal comfort and precision during use.

Sakon Series

Hokiyama Cutlery presents its Sakon Series, made for practicality and everyday use. It seamlessly marries the time-honored Japanese sword-making methodology with contemporary materials, design, and techniques. The knives boast exceptional sharpness and robust corrosion resistance, catering to a broad spectrum of needs, from everyday home use to the rigorous demands of top professional chefs.


Hokiyama Cutlery, established in 1919, has earned its reputation for unparalleled quality by crafting premium cutlery. Preserving the time-honored clad forging method, a legacy refined over 800 years of Tosa cutlery history. Blending centuries-old craftsmanship with modern technology, Hokiyama Cutlery ensures that every blade is a testament to excellence and quality while focusing on 3 core values: tradition, innovation, and practicality.

Sakon Murakumo, Nickel Damascus - Gyuto 210 mm

• Whole Knife - 14.4”
• Blade Length - 8.25”

Hand orientation - Ambidextrous

Blade - VG10 Stainless Steel core cladded with nickel damascus

• Handle - Keyaki Wood,
• Ferrule - Mahogany Wood

• Hand wash only

Kochi, Japan